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Zhargis build according to their physical requirements and the necessary functions of the building. As Zhargis can be one, any two or most commonly all of male, female and vegetable their needs are varied. This is reflected in Zhargian architecture as each Zhargian construction is of unique shape, size, colour and form.

As the average Zhargian lifespan is longer than a virtually infinite number of Wednesdays, Zhargians see all construction projects as short term and disposable. Zhargis can change shape and size for no good reason and several quite bad reasons. A Zhargi's blend of male, female and vegetable frequently changes. Thus Zhargis build for today, even for the afternoon. All Zhargis wonder at the human desire to preserve structures for a period so long it may even exceed the average human lifespan.

Zhargis are only interested in function. A mostly vegetable Zhargi will require humidity and light and large quantities of rather poorly made wooden crates in which to keep its offspring in various stages of development. During mid summer vegetable Zhargis double their size each Wednesday and in autumn shed enormous quantities of rotting detritus.

Female Zhargis wash and defecate almost without cessation except when breeding or contemplating increasing their proportion of vegetableness as a result of having spent more than one millisecond thinking about reproduction. For this reason a female Zhargi will desire large areas of pink or avacodo coloured sanitary fittings and fluffy pink bathmats.

Male Zhargis care little for washing and defecate only when in pain. Male Zhargis expend considerable effort and wealth* on the Songs of Zharg and more importantly on the market for the Songs of Zharg. As they believe the Songs of Zharg are very numerous and have actual form they require large storage areas. Although all Zhargis know there are in fact very few Songs of Zharg, they are inclined to believe that vast quantities of Songs are waiting to be discovered and build in an accordingly suitable manner.

Zhargis that live together therefore create strange shapes and structures that must change weekly to meet their changing needs.

Zhargi commercial buildings are formed for the purposes of marketing the Zhargian Orgasmatron Stimulator (learn more) and for studying and trading in the Songs of Zharg. As both these activities cause Zhargis anxiety, commercial Zhargian structures devote most space to providing suitable spaces for urination, defecation and spanking the monkey (also known as masturbation or self study). The dimmest human will easily recognize a commercial Zhargian structure.

More successful Zhargian enterprises flout their success by having very few, perhaps even no toilets within their structures. This signifies they are so wealthy they lack anxiety and therefore do not require to urinate, defecate or entertain the monkey. This shortly leads to great pain in such enterprises' workforces and the rapid failure of the enterprises. Clever Zhargian executives and managers therefore eschew success. While many Zhargis speak of a clever Zhargian executive or manager, none has ever been found to exist.

By order of the Sole of Zharg all Zhargian properties and structures are destroyed on the 458th Wednesday after their registered date of creation. Many workers from 55CNC are therefore happy to live on Zharg where they can easily find employment in the construction sector in which absolutely not one Zhargi toils, with the exception of sanitary engineers who do not in reality work but rather play with themselves and each other.

* Most pure male Zhargis will spend up to 5 times their income on Songs of Zharg in order to provide for the future Learn more

The value of sanitary equipment can increase or decrease but seldom at the same time. You may not get your initial investment back. In the interest of Zhargian security always invest more than you can afford. The SOZ supports bathroom sharing except on early closing days.

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